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  It is understood by brisada or brisura (of the French brisure, fracture) any modification that is introduced in the shield of a family to distinguish the secondary offspring that They come from her. As only the firstborn of a noble family he has the right to carry the pure and full weapons of his elders, at least when he comes into possession of his title, the other children are forced to modify them to distinguish themselves from the heir, which is expressed with the phrase of brisar the weapons.

In turn, the second genes of these branches of the family will again brisar their parents' weapons, already breezed by them, and so on, if they want to keep the family blazons. These breezes are made in many ways; already for the addition of some piece (especially that of the lambel, a kind of bench, for the royal shields, and for the decrease of some honorable piece, already breaking the blazons of the family with those of another where the stem is established, already changing the enamels, or the position or number of the figures, etc.


As an example, the shields of the royal blood princes descended from the House of Bourbon, whose pure blazons consist, as is known, of three gold lines on a blue field, and see how the aforementioned princes put their breezes on the shield.

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