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Laluenga Basic information Aragon. Spain.


The municipality covers an area of 36,5 Km2
Is at a distance of 41 Km from Huesca
Located at an altitude of 479 m
In 1996 had a population of 271 inhabitants
Belongs to the county (Comarca) SOMONTANO DE BARBASTRO

Ayuntamiento de Laluenga

Calle Antonio Castro Montaner, 5
Phone: +34 974301329

Economic sectors

The economy is based mainly on the industry related to agriculture, livestock, construction and the services sector, located in this municipality.
The majority of agricultural crops are barley and corn. It also exploits alfalfa, wheat, corn, sunflower, almond and olive plantations, etc ...
As for livestock, breeding and pig and sheep bait predominate.
The installation of a teleworking telecentre by the Etnodiversidad del Somontano Foundation should also be highlighted outside the traditional economy.


The major celebrations are held from August 23 to 26 in honor of Santa M Magdalena.

The minor parties are in the month of January in honor of San Sebastian

Historical review

The first written record of Laluenga is June 3, 1395, which was acquired by Bernardo de Pinos, by purchase from King Juan I, although some historians claim that the sale was made by his brother Martin, king of Sicily.
On March 23, 1417 Alfonso V the Magnanimous sold it to his advisor Berenguer de Bardaji, whom he named Justicia de Aragn.

Under his rule he remained until October 30, 1494, when Ferdinand the Catholic joined the Aragonese royal heritage, although for a short time since in 1552 the widow of Berenguer de Bardaj sold the barony of Pertusa to which he belonged.
Laluenga, to the city of Zaragoza.

In Roman times, the Ilerda-Osca imperial road passed by the outskirts of Laluenga, a circumstance that may explain the name of the locality 'la larga' (la longa).


Other information of the Municipality

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