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Flag of Aragon is the traditional kings of Aragon, once used exclusively by the owner of the Crown and expressive of their sovereignty. Attested documented use by Alfonso II, this flag and weapons that come are universally known as "Aragon".

Flag Daroca
Flag of the thirteenth century, 107 x 173 cm
Preserved in the city of Daroca.

Daroca, thanks to his outstanding participation in decision-Valencia, kept the flag with the actual signal according to tradition was placed in the Muslim walls of the city, on the site of the current door Serranos, by the troops during their decision darocenses in 1238 and then was given by James I to their city as a reward.
In its center there is a Constantinian labarum embroidered the remains of taffeta and satin of the thirteenth century two flags, restored in the twentieth century together by joining the two tissues into one with two faces. The City Council has Daroca that carried in procession on the feast of Corpus Christi.

Mayor Vidal XIV century
Mayor Vidal XIV century.

The use of real signal on a flag has a long tradition, is reflected for example in miniature of Vidal Mayor (folio 232 v, expeditionibus: es assaber: De caualgadas o corridas) from the beginning of s. XIV (The Paul Getty Museum, Malibu USA).

Flag representative of Aragon at the funeral of Emperor Charles, in 1558
Flag representative of Aragon at the funeral of Emperor Charles, in 1558.

Are common elements of the Flag and the Coat the "sticks gules 'or' bars of Aragon", common historical element of the existing four regional bodies that once were part of the Crown of Aragon, in which are still iconic, and in its representation joined the Shield of Spain.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of the Statute of Autonomy, the Flag of Aragon is the traditional four horizontal red stripes on yellow background.

Text drawn from the Law 2/1984 of 16 April , on the use of the Flag and the Coat of Aragon.

Literature: BLASON DE ARAGON. EL ESCUDO Y LA BANDERA, de Guillermo Fatás y Guillermo Redondo. Ed. Diputación General de Aragon. Zaragoza, 1995.

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