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It is a place that belongs to the municipality of SAN MIGUEL DEL CINCA
Is at a distance of 58 Km from Huesca
Located at an altitude of 247 m
In 1991 had a population of 145 inhabitants

Ayuntamiento de San Miguel de Cinca

Phone: +34 974413001

Region (Comarca) Cinca Medio
Belongs to the county (Comarca) CINCA MEDIO

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Patronales San Miguel Arcangel, on September 29.
Last weekend of August (after those of Pomar), Fiestas del Turista.

Natural viewpoint to the Cinca Valley, as a popular saying goes:
'They've grown tired of crying,
the poplars on the river,
they have had enough of crying,
do not get to see Estiche,
that there in that stop is',

by Luis Escudero Liesa.

It offers a beautiful view of practically all the Cinca Medio creek, from the Monzn Castle to the Ripas de Alcolea.

It has Municipal Schools, Medical Office, Pharmaceutical Dispensary, Social Local, 2 Public Parks (Park of 'La Balsa' and Park of 'La Fuente') and a bar.

At present, agriculture and livestock are the main occupations of the approximately 170 inhabitants of this beautiful town of Huesca.

Its Parish Church, dedicated to Santa Mara la Mayor and San Miguel Arcngel, dates from the s. XVI of Baroque origin, underwent diverse reforms in S. XVIII and XIX.
In the Plaza Mayor there is a portal -of recent finding- of semicircular arches that make it a place with a special charm.

The old town maintains streets and squares of old layout. The constructions, in general, do not exceed the two floors, made of tapial and curved tile that enriched with covers, cantilevered balconies and forges (XVIII and XIX century) offers a pleasant perspective.


The first historical appointment of the place is fixed in 1.134, year in which the king Alfonso I yields the castle of "Estilic" to Doa Toda.

Prehistoric sites such as "Las Almacidas" and "El Tozal de Maracullo" have been discovered, belonging to the Neolithic and Bronze and in an acceptable degree of conservation.


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