Honey, Pollen and Royal Jelly in Aragon. Information about Aragon. Spain

Honey, Pollen and Royal Jelly in Aragon. Aragon. Spain

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What is honey?

It is a sugary substance produced from nectar and other sugary solutions that bees HARVEST from vegetables, enrich them with substances that come from their own body, in him they transform it, they place in the honeycombs and they make it mature. (art. 1 of the Decree on honey. French B.O.E.).


Color: From white or light yellow to dark brown.

Appearance: From the liquid to the solid.

Flavor: Particular of each honey, depends on the nature of the plants, terrain, climate, and season of the year.


Although each honey is different, a medium chemical composition can be given since the predominant constituents are common to all honey:

It is normal for natural honeys, after time, to begin the process of precipitation or crystallization that makes it thicker and produces a change in its transparency, and therefore a guarantee of natural and pure honey, sending it to the water bath again takes its primitive liquid state.

Therapeutic Properties of some Honeys

Honeys are named according to the type of plants that have served as the basis for their elaboration:


Antispasmodic, soothing, insomnia.


Origin: It is not nectar but mylate that exudate mainly oaks, oaks, pines, firs, etc.

Very high content in mineral salts. Fights anemia, dysentery, chronic diarrhea.
  External use: hemorrhoids and anal fissures.


Bronchial and pulmonary conditions, whooping cough, influenza, asthma, dysentery and stomach and duodenal ulcers.


It accentuates digestive functions, increases energy and physical forces. Due to its characteristics, it is recommended as a sugar substitute.


Stimulant of the liver, acidity, heartburn and duodenum amenorrhea.<7p>

What is Pollen?

Pollen represents a multitude of microscopic corpuscles in the flower stems and which constitute the masculine decundant elements of said flower.

Properties of Pollen



There are no a priori contraindications, people suffering from kidney failure should take it with prior medical advice.

Obesity and fatness are not; since pollen makes thin or malnourished people gain weight, it does not increase the weight of people who do not need it at all and, on the contrary, by promoting numerous metabolisms, it has an action that favors weight loss cures and the treatment of cellulite where it has been verified that the expected results were obtained more quickly and in better conditions among people who they took pollen regularly (Donadieu).


Regularity and continuity in pollen intake are essential factors to obtain good results, especially on an empty stomach.

Take a tablespoon of pulverized pollen, mix it with another of honey and dissolve it all in a warm or hot liquid. (Daily Cure for Adults); Half the dose for children (Dr. Donadieu).

The continuous treatment of pollen allows great regularity in the results. Its tolerance is excellent, especially if it is taken in powder form.

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is the product of the secretion of two epipharyngeal glands of bees from 3 to 12 days of age.

It is whitish-yellowish semi-liquid, acidic and with a phenolic odor. This "milk of abajas" is the food of all the larvae in the first three days of her life and is the exclusive food of the Queen throughout her life.

Thanks to this extraordinary food, the queens live from 4 to 6 years, laying 1,000 to 3,000 eggs daily, while bees not fed with Royal Jale live from 40 to 120 days, and their very rudimentary reproductive system is useless for reproduction.

Royal Jelly, due to its balanced set of imponderable Vitamins, Minerals and Vital Elements, plays a decisive role in the processes of cellular restitution.

Royal Jelly contains at least 15 different elements and mineral salts that play catalytic functions in the metabolism and action of vitamins such as: manganese, calcium, chloride, sodium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, aluminum, magnesium, silicon , iron, copper, zinc, cobalt and strontium.

All these elements are essential for the human organism.

In this "wonder of nature" children find the best of natural fortifiers, the sick and elderly the strength that leaves them, the depressed, the neurasthenics and the "always tired" an incredible energy and euphoria (D Casebellas, Texas).



20 grams of Royal Jelly is recommended as a treatment every season of the year. Put approximately one gram daily with a wooden teaspoon under the tongue, the sublingual glands absorb it quickly. It is a shock treatment and highly recommended for the body that needs to make a great effort or with both physical and mental exhaustion (Prof. Luis García).

Or well mixed with honey: 15 grams in 100 grams. of honey, emulsify it well and every day take a teaspoon.

Always keep in the fridge.

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Ample your information on Aragon

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Also Aragon enjoys a diverse and varied Nature where passing by plants, animals or landscapes we can arrive at a fantastic bestiario that lives in its monuments.

The information will not be complete without a stroll by its three provinces: Zaragoza, Teruel and Huesca and his shines, with shutdown in some of its spectacular landscapes like Ordesa, the Moncayo or by opposition the Ebro.

Also you can dedicarte to the intangible ones: from the legend compilation that also does to universal Aragon you can persecute the presence of del Santo Grial in Aragon.

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Honey, Pollen and Royal Jelly in Aragon.

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