Adelino Gómez Latorre. Caminreal. 1913 - 1975 Personages. Aragon.

Adelino Gómez Latorre. Caminreal. 1913 - 1975 Personajes of Aragon.


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He was born in Caminreal in 1913, and died in 1975.

He was a fecund regional polygraph, cultivator of historical, philological and literary studies, and author of Aragonese stories, customs and tales.

His best-known works revolve around his "Romancero Aragonés" published in Valencia.

Other works:

Gentes de mi Tierra. Valencia, 1972, Paperback, 172pp. Popular poems.
Aires del Jiloca. Valencia, Nacher Press, 1963. 8th.; 148 pp., 2 hours.
Solera de Aragon. Valencia, J. Nacher Press, 1955. 4th. minor; 137 pp., 3 hours. Second edition, corrected and enlarged.
CASTA LUNA, Valencia, Cosmos, 1949, 4th, 102pp.

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Adelino Gómez Latorre. Caminreal. 1913 - 1975

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