Novillas: L´AULA Youth Association 4 Province of Zaragoza. Aragon.

Novillas: L´AULA Youth Association 4 Province of Zaragoza. Aragon. Spain.

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In # 1 of this magazine I wrote, not long ago, a small article about the patron of Aragón San Jorge. Today, also invited by the same youth association L´aula, I write about the most important and prestigious work that for Novillas has been done in recent times. I mean the BRIDGE, which coincidentally is also called St. George.

It is not that I have technical documentation of the appropriate procedures and procedures that were once carried out for its realization. But reviewing some notes that I have been collecting from the party programs here in Novillas, I have been able to find out what was already being managed many years before its completion and inauguration.

Boat on the Ebro in Novillas
Boat on the Ebro in Novillas

So, then, I will not be the one who speaks directly to you about the BRIDGE but will be those protagonists, who are yourself the neighbors of Novillas who lived, wished and longed for the much-loved work.

Already in 1974, Mr. Apolinar Cerdan Heredia, Mayor of Novillas, said: "And finally, I offer my constant work and revelations to this our beloved people and the region, for which we wish the best fruits and constant improvements, but, as if it were a banner of struggle, and because we believe that it benefits everyone immersed in it, we put our greatest illusion, so we have been fighting day by day, that if possible and as soon as possible, let us begin the construction of a BRIDGE on the Ebro, through whose banks, the roads that link through the said BRIDGE, the roads of Tudela-Alagon to Zaragoza-Logroño are also built ".

Then, in 1976, Mr. Cerdán himself said: "And to finish and riveting what we were looking forward to with the best news for our people, already in the programs of previous parties, we can inform you that, of not If unforeseeable causes occur, we have the full conviction that the BRIDGE on the Ebro river it will have a beautiful and magnificent ending".

The following year, dated August 31, 1,977, he gave the pleasant news that the Hon. Provincial Council approved the construction and contracting of the works of the new provincial road from Novillas to the Alagon-Tudela road with PUENTE on the Ebro.

In the following years this desire and enthusiasm for the realization of the BRIDGE was increasing.

In the program of parties of the year 1,979 there are several photographs of how the construction of the BRIDGE was being carried out. On the cover there is a nice note that says: "Place where the term of Novillas and the Ebro river becomes Aragonese, that is why our wish is that the BRIDGE, about to finish its construction, be called ARAGON".

And Jacks like the following were already sung:

Novillas ya no es Novillas
que se ha vuelto capital
que ya tenemos el PUENTE
y rondalla popular.

And finally the time has come for truth and joy. This was expressed by Mr. Tomas Virgós Juanín: "This year of 1980 will be inscribed in the local history of Novillas, perhaps, as the most important of its long existence as a legally recognized entity."

Only in the short space of five years, since its construction was requested, it is at this time about to complete the desired work, for hundreds of years: THE BRIDGE on the Ebro river, at its municipal end and about eight hundred meters from the town center.

When men want, dreams and desires, with tenacity and effort, come true. Without a doubt it is the reality of the most important work that has been done in Novillas. Of her all the novillenses can be proud and satisfied. There it is for posterity.

Its characteristics are: The new stretch of road that had to be built has a total length of 3,760 m. The bridge itself has a length of 210 m. and consists of three main sections of 40 m. of light and 7 sections of avenues of 22.5 m of light.

Certainly the BRIDGE on the Ebro river, officially inaugurated on July 20, 1982 by HE. Mr. D. Gaspar Castellano Gastón, President of the Excma. Provincial Council of Zaragoza, being Mayor of this Villa D. Antonio Vera Irún, has been and is the being and soul of Novillas. It has been easily possible to fully cultivate and exploit the lands and estates on the left bank of the Ebro irrigated by the Tauste canal.

Today Novillas is proud and enjoys and is happy to arrive these dates of the BRIDGE that you can never forget.

Thus we sang in a Loa to the BRIDGE OF NOVILLAS:

Y aquel servicio estupendo
que antaño la barca hacia
hoy apenas se recuerda
porque une las dos orillas
un largo y sólido PUENTE
que da esplendor a Novillas.

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